WARNHOLZ Immobilien GmbH

WARNHOLZ Immobilien GmbH is one of Germany’s leading estate agents based in Hamburg. Their specialist expertise and impeccable reputation are recognized far beyond Hamburg’s borders. With tireless effort and a passion for properties, they have helped many families and prominent individuals find their dream home and offer also complete relocation services for foreign clients wishing to relocate to Germany.

Language Connect is WARNHOLZ’s translation partner for a range of services including translations, proofreading and transcreation from German into English. Major projects include a 12 language website translation including SEO, a German sign language video and voiceover recordings in German and English for the WARNHOLZ brand movie.


Always happy to try different approaches, Language Connect provides us with professional support and is prepared to take on challenges in order to meet all of our requirements within the specified time frame. We highly value especially the communication with and flexibility of our contact person.

They even take great efforts to take regional considerations and potential “faux pas” into account in our marketing material, helping us to achieve maximum success and investment value.

We highly recommend Language Connect as a service provider for translations, localisation and copy-editing.

Christopher Warnholz | Support für die Geschäftsleitung
WARNHOLZ Immobilien GmbH


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