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Global education and training translations

Learning takes place on many levels. Auditory, visual, tactile. So it’s important to be concise and clear.

After establishing a clear framework for your requirements and the material to be translated, we take a close look at the end user to better understand their culture and social context and how they communicate and, ultimately, learn.

We will also discuss your method of delivery and can advise on best practice for printed and well as presented and e-learning materials, including audio tapes, explainer videos, PowerPoint/Prezi and webinars.

With e-learning driving the trend for highly visual communications, we can help you localise your content to appeal culturally to any audience, including advice on colours, fonts, typesetting and desktop publishing services.


From multiple choice to multimedia. Our linguists understand the importance of clear communication in education. By gaining full insight into the subject matter and the structure of any Q/A sequences, we are able to provide translations that seamlessly focus the learner’s mind on the content, rather than the language.

With our close alignment to the market research sector, we understand that the smallest detail can change the structure of a sentence and that precision is essential. This is why we ensure that our linguists have substantial experience in the level of detail and contextual interpretation.

Speaking of interpreting, we also provide target language voiceovers, with the precise dialect, tone of voice and pitch you require.

Our ISO 9001 and in-house quality control processes ensure that your project is delivered with accuracy and precision. Our proofreading services are also highly recommended for education and training materials.

Technology that drives efficiency

We create a resource of standardised terminologies that enable us to automate text translation, using ‘translation memory’ to save time and ensure consistency.

All completed education translations are checked through our online validation process before they are passed for publication.

Combining the expertise of our linguists with our own translation style guides, translation memories and glossaries, we deliver multilingual materials to help you reach your educational objectives.

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Need we say more?

62 countries have two or more official languages. We can help your audience learn quicker with a local language.

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  • In-country linguists
  • Interpreters
  • Voiceover artists


  • Translation memory
  • Copy verified by second writer
  • 150+ languages
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001)
  • Proofreading


  • Publications
  • Training manuals
  • Research papers
  • Presentations
  • Explainer videos
  • Webinars
  • Leaflets
  • Surveys
  • Audio
  • Voiceovers


Accuracy of core messages

Efficient management of global delivery

Increased productivity, efficiency and compliance

Increased sales and customer satisfaction

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day