Manufacturing & Engineering

Global translation from ship to shore

Norway, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia. The manufacturing, engineering, oil and gas sectors are perhaps some of the most international due to the nature of global expertise and technology involved.

Technical content translation demands the highest quality and precision and we have the understanding of the industry jargon and workflow requirements.With that many foreign languages, communication becomes a critical business concern. Your supply chain, production staff, and subcontractor teams have to be able to access your data, reports and manuals. There is little room or time for errors.

As a specialist language services partner to these highly specialised industries, our team works in close partnership with E&P multinationals, manufacturers and installers, shipping companies and subsea engineers.

We also work with a number of associated supply chain stakeholders such as engineering, robotics and raw material providers.

Our expertise

With proven consistency, cost effectiveness and customer focus, we deliver translated communications for companies across websites, contracts, manuals, and flexible interpreting services.

Our linguists have a thorough understanding of the very specific terminology of the sectors and can quickly assimilate any new technical context and terminology.

With time and safety of the essence, we can translate complex and highly technical documents quickly and with the greatest accuracy, allowing you to focus on operations and delivery.

Technology that drives efficiency

We use a ‘translation memory’ productivity tool for all our projects, enabling us to store previously translated terms and use them again if we find a match within the new document. It means you’ll never pay for the same content twice, even if it appears in a different project. It speeds up the translation process, ensures consistency and reduces your costs.

Your dedicated technical translation teams have instant access to the most appropriate pre-translated vocabulary, at any time and in any language. In addition, our secure translation system ensures that your global translation workflow and sensitive data is safeguarded at all times.

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Need we say more?

A third of the world’s population relies on oil and gas as their primary source of energy.

That’s a lot of languages.

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  • Linguists for all language sets
  • 24-hour availability of resources
  • Specialist oil and gas linguists


  • 24-hour time zone support
  • Translation memory
  • Copy verified by second writer
  • Proofreading
  • 160+ languages
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001 & ISO 17100)
  • Security (ISO 27001)
  • Secure translation platform
  • Interpreting for meetings and conferences
  • Audio translation and voiceover for videos


  • Contractual agreements
  • Drilling expedition reports
  • Operating and installation manuals
  • Hazardous material / Health and Safety inventories
  • Navigation and inspection system guides
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Ultrasonic sensor datasheets
  • Shipping manuals
  • Robotic equipment specifications for land and sea
  • Website translation and localisation


Meet critical deadlines

Adhere to regulatory standards

Global information sharing

Standardised communications

Consistency in documents

Reputation management

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day