Travel and Tourism

Translation and travel, the perfect companions

Welcoming customers in their own language is important for any business but absolutely essential when you work in travel and tourism. It shows that you really care.

From the printed materials in the lobby to your website, every touch point brings your brand to life for the customer, building brand loyalty and empathy so you can say ‘welcome back’ again and again.

At Language Connect, we understand that customer communications happen at every step of the way. So we have tailored our translation solutions for your website content, promotional video, email campaigns, and telephone message systems as well as all your offline communications such as advertising, brochures, menus, stationery and amenities.

We help you turn all these communications into seamless, personalised messages to every visitor, passenger and guest. The end result is consistent branding in every market, and every language.

Why global travel and tourism brands partner with us

Hotels in 30 countries or thousands of visitors to your website each day. Our travel and tourism clients all rely on Language Connect to translate, localise and create their brand messages across any number of languages and media.

To do this, we work with your branding guidelines to create a bespoke glossary for you that’s carefully translated and adapted to your target languages. We understand the subtleties of persuasive communications in hospitality and can transcreate your guest communications into compelling and relevant content.

Our linguists are expert translators and trained in marketing copywriting, website optimisation and promotional campaigns. We can even localise your online audio and video for any market and culture, including the perfect dialect, tone of voice and pitch.

Our desktop publishing service adds value to your printed and displayed brand communications by ensuring that the right typography, punctuation and phrasing is used at all times.

Tailored technology for efficient global marketing implementation

We have invested in the technology that enables us to produce the highest quality services whilst creating time and cost efficiencies for our clients; from TMS, to machine translation and AI.

Using ‘translation memory’ we work with you to build a bespoke vocabulary for all your translation projects. This will include the use of frequently used brand messages such as slogans and mission statements, menus and website descriptions.

Our digital services team work with you to refine your translated content online. By auditing and researching your SEO assets, we can apply the correct keywords and meta descriptions to your websites, or even microsites for special campaigns.

Our team can translate your blogs, social media messaging, viral campaigns, and mobile marketing into culturally appropriate offers that will entice new and existing customers.

We can interface with any creative process and digital asset management system you may use for your current marketing production, to ensure that the language versions available to all regions have been thoroughly checked before going out to your customers.

If you want to discuss how we can help your brand travel in style worldwide, get in touch.

Need we say more?

TripAdvisor, the most popular travel website in the world, is available in 41 languages, including six versions of Spanish, most Asian languages, Hebrew and Arabic.

The site attracts 280 million unique visitors each month.

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  • In-country linguists
  • Marketing copywriters
  • Digital and SEO experts


  • 24-hour global support
  • Translation
  • Localisation
  • Transcreation
  • SEO
  • Voiceovers
  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001 & ISO 17100)
  • Security (ISO 27001)


  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Emails
  • Guest packs
  • Hotel descriptions
  • Keyword lists
  • Menus
  • Promotional materials
  • Video and audio
  • Amenities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Global brand consistency

Tailored communications

Improved customer experience

Reduced time for global campaigns

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day