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Targeted language communications

Is your web content marketing your products and services as effectively as your printed advertising?

Our translation and content services for websites and ecommerce operations provide a streamlined process that can integrate with your CMS or translate online using specialised technology. This makes translation a seamless part of your everyday website updates.

Useful and engaging content is at the heart of digital marketing. Producing quality content in other languages, or localising your existing content, will add value to your brand and help engage your audience. We can help you create compelling clear-cut multilingual copy that is culturally relevant and commercially appealing.

In a digital world, compelling content is the best way to increase traffic to your website and improve conversions. Content marketing is an integral part of any SEO campaign, as you need to offer your audience high quality engaging content that adds value. Poor quality or duplicate content can negatively impact your website.

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Need we say more?

21% of the world’s internet users are in China and do not surf the web in English.

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  • In-house digital team
  • SEO trained linguists
  • Subject matter experts
  • In-country linguists


  • Specialist SEO and web marketing research
  • Digital implementation and advice
  • 150+ languages
  • Local dialects and cultural matching
  • Website translation technology


  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Keyword lists
  • Newsletters
  • PPC campaigns
  • Product descriptions
  • Promotional material
  • Social media campaigns
  • Website content


Accurate translation

Precision targetting to audiences

Improved ROI on SEO and PPC

Increased customer reach

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day