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Boost your global research and market analysis

Imagine if you were able to launch your international fieldwork quicker, with less time spent managing translation logistics. Our dedicated market research team has exceptional experience of survey translation and workflow and can advise you on the best practice approach to the translation of a wide variety of multi-market research projects, including:

  • Consumer and B2B research (e.g. FMCG, electronics, financial services)
  • Healthcare research
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Brand trackers
  • Customer loyalty and many others

In addition, we have a specialist team that works only within healthcare and pharmaceutical research who are fully trained in AE reporting. Responsiveness is one of our core values and to show this in action, we guarantee your project manager will always respond to your requests within one hour. And with our global team coverage we have an unmatched capability to turnaround translations outside of normal working hours to meet your deadlines. Our team works collaboratively with you to simplify your project’s management through our unique workflow solutions that include:

  • Connect | Survey, our proprietary online portal and analytics dashboard for researchers to co-ordinate the whole translation process in just a few clicks
  • Seamless XML and XLIFF file handling from all commercially available survey scripting platforms
  • Integrated translation memory and terminology to leverage similar previously translated content
  • Flexibility to handle last-minute amends with rapid turnaround
  • Survey platform API integration for automating survey file transfer in the translation process

The end result? Faster turnaround of survey translations, reduced time to market and value-
added international insight for your clients. To learn more about how we can speed up your market research, get in touch.

Need we say more?

Translating over 10,000 surveys each year gives us the edge.

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  • MR-specific project management team
  • MR sector specialists
  • Native language researchers


  • Translation memory
  • Efficient technology
  • 24-hour time zone support
  • Proofreading
  • 160+ languages
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001 & ISO 17100)
  • Adverse Events Compliant
  • Security (ISO 27001)


  • Online questionnaires
  • Offline questionnaires
  • Open end coding
  • Online validation
  • Research reports
  • Transcription
  • Discussion guides

Quantitative solutions

  • Translation, proofreading and quality assurance
  • Online validation/link checking
  • Translation overlay (manual transfer of translation into survey platform)
  • Verbatim coding or back translation (of open end responses)
  • Localisation (for adaptation to a local dialect, e.g. French for Belgium, Canada and Switzerland)
  • Survey platform API integration (for automating survey file transfer in the translation process)
  • Connect | Survey (online portal and dashboard for researchers co-ordinating the translation process)

Qualitative solutions

  • Audio/video to text transcription
  • Simultaneous interpreting for TDIs and focus groups
  • Foreign language moderators
  • AudioGlass (conference call technology that supports multi-language rooms with the respondent(s) being heard faintly in the background – specifically for international focus groups/TDIs)


Fast and accurate market research data

Relevant and meaningful results

Information you and your clients can trust

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