Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion Today

Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion Today

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The world’s population is on the move. Evidence of increased migration makes it increasingly vital for businesses and governments to improve cross-cultural competencies in order to remain viable and relevant in today’s global marketplace.

Today marks the World Day for Cultural Diversity, 2013. Diversity and inclusion practitioners from across the globe are endorsing an initiative aimed at encouraging people from all backgrounds to work and live together harmoniously.

Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion” is a global campaign aimed at inspiring people across the world to Do One Thing to support cultural diversity and inclusion.

Why is a diverse culture important?

Culture is arguably the most powerful differentiator of a nation. It embodies an all-encompassing view of societal characteristics based on historical events and experiences.

Inclusion of different sub-cultures doesn’t have to mean movement away from tradition and heritage. Embracing diversity and equality, and learning from each other is important for growth. Far from threatening the history and authenticity of a society’s ‘way of life’, diversity and inclusion can help preserve the culture of a nation through documentation and information sharing amongst international communities.

By enhancing our understanding of different cultures, we can move towards acceptance and perhaps a reduction in major world conflicts.

Language Connect – advocating diversity and preservation of language and culture

Through increased migration we risk reduced linguistic diversity worldwide. Multicultural societies and workforces are losing distinction due to the need for commonality. Speaking dominant languages (e.g. English) is pivotal for personal and professional integration into advanced society, but in losing languages, we lose traditions.

Every 14 days a language dies, taking with it a wealth of knowledge about the history, culture and environment of its society. Language Connect is committed to working with communities across the world; embracing diversity and celebrating language. People should have access to global information and knowledge in their native language.

To find out more about the humanitarian support work Language Connect is involved in, visit our Newsroom. 

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