Microsoft on Bing in China

Microsoft on Bing in China

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To the Editor:

A June 8 online letter about Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, suggests a negative connotation with the Bing brand in China. It is because we were aware of this one possible interpretation that we chose to select a Chinese character to pair up with Bing to form the brand.

This approach enables us to ensure appropriate pronunciation for Bing in China. Our new brand in China is pronounced “bee-ying,” its meaning derived from the last two characters of a Chinese proverb meaning “ask and you shall find.” The direct translation for “Bi-ying” is “certain to respond or ready to answer.”

Developing a global brand is no small feat. Bing is available in 53 countries and 34 languages. We underwent a comprehensive process to arrive at a Chinese brand for Bing, including customer research and consultation with Chinese-language specialists. We think we arrived at a good result.

Yusuf Mehdi
Senior Vice President
Redmond, Wash., June 8, 2009

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