TDA launched as a supercloud for the global translation industry

TDA launched as a supercloud for the global translation industry

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TDA supercloudThe TAUS Data Association (TDA) language data exchange portal has been released for public use. Members can store and share their translation memories and terminology in a secure central database. Users around the world have free access to the data to search translations. Members can leverage the scalable shared repository of language data to give a boost to their volumes and productivity of translation activity.


  • Industry-wide language date sharing in a neutral, open, legal, and secure environment is now possible with the launch today of the TAUS Data Association, a global not-for-profit organization, founded by 45 companies
  • TDA services open the way for a more significant and efficient translation industry benefiting from increased productivity, reduced costs, streamlined terminology and much more content being translated
  • The translation industry can now move into an era of supercharged innovation where systems connect seamlessly and propriety business models make way for the needs of commerce and society
  • Translation buyers can unravel themselves from proprietary lock-in models and choose from a wider selection of partners. Providers get the opportunity to win new business, and expand and improve services
  • At the launch the platform already contains more than a half billion words in 70 language pairs from its member organizations


“I am extremely proud to be working with our highly involved group of members who realize that by working together our industry can have a much bigger impact on the world,” says Jaap van der Meer, director of TDA. “TDA gives its members the immediate potential for double-digit savings on total translation budgets and, perhaps most importantly, gives the entrepreneurs amongst us the language data needed to automate and innovate at unprecedented levels.

“TDA provides a forum where the voice of translation clients and service providers alike come together to drive mutually beneficial change,” says Wayne Bourland from DELL Computer. “The shared data concept brings us a step closer to the reality of only paying for net new translations at an industry level versus a company level. The ability to leverage this collective knowledge and rapidly move into emerging markets at a much lower cash breakeven point is a paradigm shift for many companies. The translation industry is at a key inflection point, and TDA is helping to light the path.

How TDA works

TDA’s Language Data Exchange Portal works on the basis of reciprocity. Members store language data in the platform and in return gain access to the translation memories and glossaries of the wider industry.

The data is organized by industry domain, company, product line and language pairs, enabling members to conveniently search and retrieve memories and glossaries to streamline terminology, access specific language sets or train machine translation engines.

TDA’s Language Search Engine uses language data provided by TDA’s wide and growing global member base, enabling translators, developers, support professionals, and in fact everyone to find and compare industry specific terminology. Advanced features, such as a lemmatizer and multilingual concordancer, provide guidance on the context of most common usage.

As a member driven organization, TDA is committed to continually consulting with members on every level of activity to ensure the services delivered are exactly what the industry needs in order to grow stronger.

More quotes from TDA members

Adam Blau, milengo: “Opening the gates to language data will unleash a flood of innovation and change to the localization industry. Never before have LSPs and customers alike had so much access to language data to help drive automation and increase productivity.”

Martin Schneekloth, Avocent: “We are always looking to improve the quality and efficiency of our localization process as a whole and this type of cooperation is a major step towards accomplishing that goal.”

Steven McDowell, Sybase iAnywhere: “For years, we have been thinking about how to extend our products and services into other languages where a full-scale localization project isn’t feasible. That solution is much closer now, and by bringing together high volumes of domain-specific translation data, TDA is offering a unique opportunity to reach across linguistic barriers more easily and effectively.”

Tatiana Danielyan, ABBYY Software:
“ABBYY develops multilingual software products that are distributed worldwide, and it takes considerable time and effort to localize them for different markets. Additionally, we conduct linguistic research which, in some cases, touches upon human and machine translation. Access to the TDA’s shared translation database would help us a lot to reduce costs and launch products faster. We are looking forward to seeing the community continue to grow and reap benefits from and for its members.”

For additional perspectives from the TDA Board members and other Founding Members, see the quotes and the video on the home page.

To get a feel for the scale and the ease of the TDA platform, try the Language Search Engine. It is free, we just ask you to register if you want to search all languages and domains.

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